New Port Project
TraffiConsult was commissioned by WorleyParsons in coordination with The New Port Steering Committee to undertake a Traffic Impact Study for the proposed New Port in the State of Qatar. The new port will augment the growing logistic need for the country. It has been constructed at an entirely new coastal site located to the north of the Mesaieed Industrial City and south of Al Wakra.
2022 FIFA World Cup,  QF Stadium
TraffiConsult was commissioned to conduct Traffic Impact Study for Qatar Foundation FIFA stadium. The stadium is an iconic sports facility to be constructed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will provide forty five thousand seating capacity. The purpose of the study is to assess the transportation network for 2022 FIFA event and then for its Legacy use.
Education City - TIS
TraffiConsult was commissioned by Qatar Foundation (QF) to conduct Traffic Impact Study for Education City in Doha, Qatar. The purpose of the traffic study is to provide a robust and adequate transportation network required for the fast growing development of the Education City. The project involved review of existing and proposed transportation infrastructure in Education city which includes road network, multi storey parking structures, metro, long distance rail and People Mover System (PMS).
Professional Consultancy Service
TraffiConsult was awarded a three year contract by Public Works Authority (Operations and Maintenance Division) to conduct various traffic surveys, analysis and archiving the data. The contract further includes supply, installation and maintenance latest version of the following software: Sidra intersection, Sidra Trip, Highway Capacity Software / manual, Transmodeler and software training to PWA engineers.
Jeddah Road Marking Manuals
Jeddah Municipality intends to prepare a Pavement Marking Manual for the City of Jeddah and to prepare the design and Contract Documents for the major corridors across Jeddah which shall enable the Amana to execute these works through construction bids. Jeddah Municipality are seeking to improve the safety of the road network by producing a consistent and uniform road markings design manual that can be applied across the road network of Jeddah.
Ezdan Oasis Residential Community
TraffiConsult have been appointed by SAK Holding Group to conduct the Traffic Impact Study for the proposed Ezdan Oasis Residential Community Development in Wukair, State of Qatar. The project involves preparation of various reports for different aspects of traffic analysis. The purpose of the traffic study is to integrate the internal and external road netwrok, optimise accesibility, parking demand / supply and to provide adequate access to various public facilities.
Qatar Economic Zone 1 (QEZ1)
Qatar Economic Zone 1 (QEZ1) is a 4.1 km2 site to the south west of Hamad International Airport. This project is made up of two parcels divided by the continuation of Doha Expressway. TraffiConsult has been commissioned by Dorsch Qatar to do two major tasks. The first task is to review master plan documents and traffic studies while the second task is to validate and update of transport system components.
Qatar Economic Zone 3 (QEZ3)
Qatar Economic Zone 3 (QEZ3) is a 34 km2 site north of Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC) and adjacent to the New Port Project (NPP). WPQ appointed TraffiConsult to undertake the detailed Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the QEZ3 development. The outcomes of TIS were based on very wide study area and it recommended several mitigations for horizon years 2017 (opening), 2021 and 2031.
MOI Immigration Headquarters TIS
TraffiConsult has been commissioned by CEG International to conduct a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the proposed ‘Immigration Headquarters’ on a vacant land adjoining Al Tarfa Street, located in Wadi Al Banat area of Doha, Qatar. The traffic analysis suggested several mitigations in the project study area, in order to maintain the desired LOS criteria as specified by MOTC-LTPD.
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Transportation planning & demand modeling

Our staff has experience and Expertise in providing transportation planning for improvements to transportation systems in the USA, UK and prominently in the Middle East. Our role in these types of projects varies from utilizing the state of the art software based travel demand forecasting or manual count based forecasting for limited areas. Our tailored approach allows us to meet the client’s requirement and to achieve project objective. Through our Transport Planning / Modeling services we strive to provide our client unique, value-added services that are also socially beneficial.


Traffic operations &  Microsimulation

TraffiConsult staff are experts in the area of Traffic Operational Analysis and Microsimulation, which aid in devising the recommendations to solve a range of urban transportation issues.


Parking Design, Audit & Management System

TraffiConsult staff has conducted numerous parking studies for public, private, and institutional clients throughout the United States and the Middle East. We focus on vehicular access as well as the safety and convenience of pedestrians and bicyclists.    





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